Although it is an age, it is also used as an insult that is targeted towards horny kids on Youtube, Reddit, or Discord. They can be found in the comment sections of videos or post that have at least one somewhat sexual words included in the title, such as boob or butt. Most Thirteen year olds try to bamboozle people into thinking they are a different age by saying they are a generic adult age such most often 21yo. They also use their Xbox user names as the username on many other sites. There go to comment or reply to somewhat sexual content is “mmh so sezy” and “1 like = 10000000000 sorry to God”.
“Eww, there are so many little horny thirteen year olds that watch this.”
by Yung_Nigget January 2, 2020
Teenagers who have too many emo fandoms and spare time to fuck around with
Person 1: I just saw some kid wearing a Panic! At The Disco shirt.
Person 2: That's an edgy thirteen year old.
by SweetenerGrande May 4, 2018