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The hottest girl around, always got the attention of all the guys. She's fun to b around at all times and everyone secretly wants her. She's confident and doesnt need anybody's help. Always the center of attention and always gets what she wants. Headstrong doesnt think before she acts. Gets into a lotta shit but gets herself out just as easily. Easy to love and equally easy to hate Every girl wants to be her and every guy wants to have her. Easily approachable and a great friend. She's pretty, fun and amazingly good in bed ;)
Man, i wish I could have some Reba tonight
by damnnpseudonym February 08, 2010
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An amazing girl who is mostly good but sometimes those little devil horns come out! She is so gullible and shy! She was born and raised in the south and when it comes to whooping some ass she don't take no shit!
Rough around the edges but soft on the inside! She is one smart cookie too.
I would love to have me ah Reba!
by Roomabam November 07, 2011
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A cool person who gets along with most people. Their beautiful, but sometimes head strong. You never know what they might say and do.
Why did Reba do that?
by randomperson63 February 04, 2010
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not the country singer! awesome friend and neighbor. she's the kinda chick that knows everything about everything, from video games to high heels. she knows what you mean when you say nothing at all. makes you laugh until you drool! always fun to be around!
bob: what are you doing tonight?

alice: going to rebas!
bob: hell to the yeah! reba is boss! shit's redic but kinda boss!
by pseudorach February 24, 2010
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1. Reba McEntire, a pop-country singer who rose to fame in the late 80's, early 90's with hits such as 'Fancy' and 'Why Haven't I Heard From You' 2. A TV show starring the singer which aired on the CW network from 2001 to 2007. 3. a clothing line sold at Dillard's
I wonder if the DJ is gonna play a Reba song tonight.

My girlfriend and I stayed up and watched a Reba marathon on Lifetime last night.
by jrjourney September 04, 2008
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A girl that has moments of unclarity(lost thoughts) "REBA MOMENTS"
Boy: " why did you throw out the keesh my mom made us?"
Reba : "it was in the freezer and it was hard so I threw it out!"

Reba: "are you going to take a picture of that?"
boy: " no, the camera is broken."
Reba: " well then, are you going to put it on film?"
boy: : ???....@#%$#&^%%

boy: " why are you weaving all over the river in the peddle boat?"
Reba: " I don't know how to drive a stick!!"
by tattoo bitch February 11, 2010
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(Adj./noun) A girl who typically is (or can be described as) lacking in height, has odd colored eyes, and is very impulsive in thought. She has numerous books strewn across her room, and most likely has a cat. But beware, her impulsiveness can lead to bad driving.
"Did you see that bubbly short girl over there? She is so reba."
by puturclothesbackon January 29, 2010
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