she is different than all the others girl. she is very sensitive but very sensible. she is beautiful and amazing to be around.she is a great friend and she will always want to help others.She cares a lot for certain people such as close friends but doesn't show it.
OMG is that Rea? i want one around me all the time. that dude is so lucky!
by _riz_hockey May 15, 2017
The kind of girl (well, she claims to be a girl) that you want to hug and never let go, except to admire her amazing arse. She's funny, beautiful, loveable, irresistable and perfect in every way. She's like a drug, once you're exposed, you can't do without her and you never want to let go, your life will get better by 1000% when she walks into it and you will never want to look back.
"Why do you seem so happy all the time now?"
"I found myself a Rea"
by someonewholovesrea January 20, 2013
The most gorgeous short girl to ever walk on the face of the planet, she makes everyone around her feel safe and happy. She is very dirty-minded but in a cute way and has the most beautiful eyes.
1: Dang shes hot
2: She must be a Rea
1: Yeah bro
by ILoveReaSoMuch<3 March 1, 2022
(RAY-uh): badass and extremely attractive short female; a magic spell which causes the spellcasters enemy to feel as though they are being attacked at the knee-caps by a crowd of livid midgets.
"Oh man that girl is such a REA!"

"REAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!" (enemy falls to the ground writhing in pain)
by xtayluvx September 30, 2009
One of the most contrary girls I know. Hates being like everybody else but doesn't do anything differently. Always wears dark colors and plans on beiNg a vegan as a freshman in college. Amazing at math because she does Kumon and likes to contradict people but has no good reason to. My bffl who loves to watch movies in her giant in home theater. Friends with everyone except the really annoying people and completely clueless so she ends up saying things which sound wrong. Tots awesome but always gets in trouble. REA IS MY BFFL BACK OFF!!!
*rea-spills juice
*gets napkins and cleans it up
"I'm sorry Jenny did I get you wet?"Rea
"why do you have to think about it like that?!!!"
A word used to show how much you don’t care about something
Classmate: Oi bra have you done the math home work?

Student: ...Rea
by 42’s realest August 11, 2019