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Is commonly mispronouced is said ra-zoe. NOT ra-zoo or
ra-zor! Is a unique name. A very sexy and popular person.Known for making bad decisions. Very easy going and determined. A sex symbol. A open person who is exxxtremely horny and sexxxual yet is very intelligent!
"OMG im so jealous of Razo!"
"Thats so Razo."
freind 1: "did you hear about that girl who "played" with our friend?!"
friend 2: "No, but im guessing it must be Razo,yep its Razo alright!!"
"That girl is so f***ing gorgeous, of course she is shes Razo!"
by Alex Star June 29, 2008
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means to be retared and a gronk at the same time.
Razo: Hey look at me i'm a gronk and i'm retarded

Cool Person: fuck that guy's a razo

Cool Person 2: droped it cooled
by account6699 July 09, 2010
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A Racoon with a ridiculous fade, that is a hardass
That god damn Razo stole my Rice Krispies! Demerit!
by axe924 April 11, 2017
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