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A man who attempts to seduce his friends mother.
"Andy was talking to my mum again"
"watch out for him, he's a right rayner"
by Karraro7 September 08, 2009
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A lit cunt

And a fucking leg
A cool rayner
by Gale hater March 17, 2019
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one obsessed with hentai.
usually considered to be annoying by his mates.
"You are a complete rayner!"
by flib March 14, 2008
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A notorious gimp in the rugby scene. Only has a small amount of street cred due to his few friends actually being popular. Below standard in every category, especially his intelligence which is comparable to a sewage rat . Decided one day to mess with the wrong guy. Now he has to sleep with the fact that one of the biggest lads wants to tear him apart
Random guy: did you see that bender who looks like he shat his pants fall down the stairs yesterday
Other random guy: yeah that was Ben Rayner lol I hope he fractured a rib
by Phiggs,with,a,silent,P September 28, 2019
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Someone who is always obsessed with something whether it be a pop star, rock star or video game franchise. Usually queer
Dude that guy is a total Rayner. He buys every Pokemon game
by Raypkm January 21, 2015
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