The greatest companion that you'll ever meet. He has the intelligence of a sphinx and the body of a Greek God. Even with all that, he still stays humble. He keeps the trust of every single one of his friends and make sure to care for them whenever they need it. Yet through all that, he still supports his own family first. This just makes all the girls simping over his mind and body that makes all their panties drop and drooling all over the floor.
Damn, he is a Rayner alright.
by DamnDaddy01010 December 7, 2020
A man who attempts to seduce his friends mother.
"Andy was talking to my mum again"
"watch out for him, he's a right rayner"
by Karraro7 September 8, 2009
Someone who is always obsessed with something whether it be a pop star, rock star or video game franchise. Usually queer
Dude that guy is a total Rayner. He buys every Pokemon game
by Raypkm January 22, 2015
one obsessed with hentai.
usually considered to be annoying by his mates.
by flib March 14, 2008
Fabulous, Talented creature. Reasonably chill and too good for nasty hoes and crusty man bitches. Treat her badly and you'll be sorry when she is a famous queen.
"Yo who's that fabulous queen"
"Dude that's Katie Rayner! She's so awesome!"


by Queen Kae February 15, 2017
Ron is quiet, large and wouldn't hurt a fly.
when asked how he rolls Ron Rayner will tell you he "Rolls on the Fucking Tracks!"
Also known as RR or RailRoad.
Jesse,"Ron How Do You Roll?"
Ron Rayner, "I Roll On The FUCKING TRACKS!"
by Knowing Ninja April 12, 2009