Raven is stupid and shy and very innocent. If she goes to a party she will sit in the corner. None of the boys want her and arent afraid to say it. Shes either super lazy or super annoying. She either chooses to be an outcast or a retard. Ravens are typically very introverted people and she will 100% turn on you and stab you in the back. Shes a manipulative bitch. You will always have a really bad relationship with her or none at all. She loves lying cause why not? ;)
Guy: wow! Raven is so ugly! I would never tap that!

Girl: God I fucking hate raven shes so ugly and annoying
by KermitAFrog February 19, 2020
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This women right here is the best. She’ll make you drool when you see her. She’s the most beautiful girl you’ll ever meet. Once you lay eyes on her, your heart will drop. Give this beautiful women the moon/everything. She’s gonna turn out to be your number one, you’re priority, you’re responsibility, your everything. Always be sure to keep this women happy, always be sure she has a smile on her face, be sure that she’s doing fine. Check up on her. Show her respect, give her respect and treat her with respect. Never lay your hands on her, once you lose her, you lose the most important person in your life. She’s funny, beautiful, intelligent, has an amazing personality, cute laugh, the most beautiful smile you’ll ever see and last but not least, her eyes are absolutely gorgeous! Keep this women forever, never let her go. Never tell anyone her personal things. Never lose this precious women.
Never disrespect Raven. Always and cherish the moments you have with her
by Akarunner July 12, 2021
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Raven is not necessarily a girl... it is the most amazing human being you will ever come across. he has a unique laugh and sense of humor that can brighten up any mood. he will turn your worst days into best one. he has the most biggest heart and special personnality. everyone loves raven. everybody wants him to be theirs but only one has him and that Lucky person is me. he has the sweetest words and takes care of his family. he is hot and handsome. he loves video games and spicy food.
by mxssquinn March 21, 2017
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The pseudonym that most up-and-coming Goth girls give themselves, trying to fool the world that they are much more mysterious and dark than they really are. These girls use SPF 100 000 000, never go out in the daylight, dye their long, ratty hair black, and are elitist snobs. They listen to EBM and Industrial and often attend Darkraves.

They have no souls, and if you are dating a cyber-goth, or any sort of relatively good looking boy (or girl), they will attempt to pick him up.

Usually, they are very large, and outfit themselves in PVC, leather, large boots, corsets, etc. Straps, rubber, buckles, false synthetic hair, etc.

Almost always, they look terrible without makeup.
Me: 'Hey, Raven, what's your real name?'

'Raven': 'Raven! I've told you a million times! I'm so dark and Goth that I was born with a full head of black hair and ate my way out of the womb! My mother named me Raven!'

'Raven's' mother calling up the stairs: 'Ashley!!! You didn't change the kitty litter!'
by Yosef__XXXX February 08, 2009
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A word in replacement of the word retard. To avoid not being politically correct, use raven instead of retard.

by Veronica Ward December 31, 2005
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She is a very nice person. Someone that cares about you. She has amazing hair, even when she doesn’t try. She doesn’t have self confidence even though it would be easy to have a big ego. She is usually lazy, in that she likes to sleep (sleep in). You are lucky to have a raven in your life if you do. Usually you have a nice relationship (friendship), and if your starting a new friendship stay with her, she will make you happy a lot. She loves to plays a lot of video games, and to watch people play them. She also likes to watch Anime and YouTube, And she loves animals including cats, dogs,and bunny’s. Stay with your Raven.
by sw8888 March 04, 2019
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Is a very smart and kind girl who is nice to everyone she sees.Hates violence and fake bitches .You would love to see a girl like Raven
I have a friend name Raven.
by Jazzo15 December 19, 2016
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