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Raveena is someone who loves to make others laugh, & enjoys the comfort of everyone. She is very fashion forward, and likes to put her imagination to the work. She is very loud and outgoing, although something from her personal life hides locked until she meets someone. She is very competitive, and won`t let anyone stand in her way. She is very loyal, and trust worthy, but you get her mad, all hell breaks loose.The most forward, and passionate person you`ll ever meet. Dedicated to what she does, and loves doing it. If you meet a Raveena in your life, make sure you hold on to her forever, as she will come very useful in the future.
Raveena is very helpful.
by ANONOMUSSS April 29, 2013
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Raveen is one of the prettiest girls you probably know. All the guys want her, no matter how geeky or scandalous-her type is only one. She is very loyal to those she loves and is a great girlfriend to both her friends and boyfriends. She would die for any guy with a defined jaw, curly hair or mesmerising eyes. She got dah booty and is amazing at all sports. She's one of a kind people... one of a kind
by TYB_ANONYMOUS February 07, 2019
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The most amazing person to know. She's funny, fashion-forward, beautiful& very unique. All the boys want her. She's very fuckable. She's also the most generous& gorgeous person
Boy 1: damnn have you seen raveena?
Boy 2: hell yeah! She's fuckin hot
by jessica voltz August 05, 2010
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the sexiest indian actress having extremely attractive body, very much fuckable
your sis is sexy like raveena
by Anonymous September 14, 2003
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