A teenager who emits an aura of obnoxiousness. Also typically picks fights and looses and always talks back to people of authority. Looks like a rodent.
I actually hate that ratboi in 3rd period. He's so stupid
by Boitho September 10, 2017
A ratboi is a type of player in Rainbow Six: Siege who will purposely choose recruit and use the M870 as their primary weapon. Ratboi can be used as a noun, and as an adjective.
I’m going ratboi this round guys.

Get ratboid you bitch-ass nigga.

by Soap O’Dope June 7, 2018
A very young person that dedicates his life at playing online games. They are usually of ages between 4 and 12, with an obvious lack of life experience, and annoying voices characterized for its very high pitch.

Most important, they are always spoiled assholes and always act aggressively towards other players, specially older ones. If they feel somehow threatened they will immediately insult you. Nevertheless, if you respond in the same manner, they will run and/or cry and tell their parents (just like a rat).

The most known ratboy nests are Minecraft and League of Legends.
Player 1: Hey man, stop dying.
Ratboy (annoying voice): shaddap you cun mu'faka piece of crap shit whore!
Player 1: You are a ratboy! I will find you and I will kill you and your family for having raised such a waste of energy.
Ratboy (sobbying): Mommy! Daddy! The man was rude! *squeak* *squeak*
by Nacsotron August 28, 2014
1.Person, usually male characterised with ugly features, usually sqinty eyes, buck-teeth and large appendages. Mostly avoids light, coming only out of his swamp at night to feed on scraps and discarded food. Favours dark rooms and corners, frequently listens to depressing goth music or metal. Rarely seen during daylight or showering. Generally unclean. 2.Dirty person. 3.Insult, usually directed to males or masculine females.
1.My sisters boyfriend is a goth, I dont know why she hangs around with that ratboy. 2.Have a shower ratboy! 3.Fuck off ratboy!
by John Barry November 21, 2004
an ugly person that no one like but is alway there. has little friends.
That Chris Hawk is a Ratboy
by F3arday April 24, 2009
He controls all rats and ummm he eats them. He wears his rat's skin.
"WOW look at that RATBOY, he is fighting a Ugly Bastard using his rats"
by r4tboy May 18, 2018
A ratboy is a filthy, mangy, sneaky little bastard. Secretly pretends to be a good child, but really is Satan himself.
by gotchu! July 29, 2009