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Ratbag is also Aussie slang for Trouble maker or someone causing havok - When the word Ratbag is used its used in a non offence way.
My mates a real ratbag , we got kicked out because of his antics"
by RonnieLea September 24, 2007
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A woman similar to the characters played by Terry Jones in Monty Python's Flying Circus. Also pepperpot.
The old ratbag that ran the cafe banged her spatula on the counter and screamed, "SHUT UP! SHUT UP!" whenever the Vikings began to sing.
by MankyScotsGit September 13, 2007
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To destroy or excessively abuse something (usually an object of value) to the point that it's valueless.
Dude, I totally rat bagged my truck off-roading yesterday.
If you invite those guys over this weekend, they're gonna rat bag your house.
by Flaxx December 15, 2007
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The woman who lives next door.A schizo. 60 yr old interfering old ratbag with a mouth like a dogs arsehole.Husband has cleared off, she was sectioned last year and lives on her own.
stupid sad mrs.mad
by agogo February 12, 2004
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Can be used in almost every form...just like the famous curse "fuck". you can be a ratbag or perform a ratbagging. it used only as a burn on someone, being a ratbag is something you really want to stay away from.
I totally ratbagged that dude by smearing him.
Auw, man i can't believe what a ratbag you are.
by Andrew Mau September 12, 2005
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A nice or pleasant girl. Usually found in Spain. However they have been known to show signs of hostility when provoked.
Yeah I know Rocio, she's a real ratbag.
by Justanicekiwi November 30, 2009
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