Repossession is the term to describe the taking back of of something that once belonged to person stealing it. Often causes the person being looted a lot of turmoil and stress. In addition, repossession is one of the number one causes of suicide, which frequently happens when the object being stolen back is something that the person is addicted to.

Ex. Juul

Verb form: repossess
Miguel signed out of his classroom in school to use the restroom. Upon his arrival, he began to rip the juul as if he hadn’t had it in days... at least it felt this way to him. Poor Miguel didn’t even realize that it had only been 7 minutes. Little did Miguel know that one of the men looking for a “repo” job had just gained intel on his bathroom excursion. Before he could even blink, Miguel had the Juul taken out of his hands, and the runner was already making his way down the hall. By the time the addict had retreated from the bathroom in pursuit of his target, he realized it was too late. “Oh no. Not another ‘repossession’. It can’t be happening again!” Dropping to his knees, Miguel began to question his life, pondering why he had not followed his father’s orders and put himself out of his misery. “My life is a living shit show” Miguel shouted in agony. Miguel dreaded what was to come. Although it had only been one minute since his last hit, he knew that a very painful withdrawal was prone to take over him at any moment now. His grades began to slip and he constantly was looking for a solution and a way out. There was only one thing he could think of.....
by DiliRoso November 16, 2017
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The idiots in New York who try to lay claim public property along their house such as the parking space curb outside their property line. Plebian Repossession is king in Staten Island and it has begun its plague to neighboring boroughs like Queens. Most Plebian Repossessions are enforced with the use of a cone,but are not legally allowed. Those with audacity will call the the tow truck who is just as smug so be vigilant of your car when it's on public property in danger of Plebian Repossession.
Josh: Yo I parked outside the driver on the curb next to this house and these clowns took my car!
Jake: Plebian Repossession bro, the curb is public property and the house owner probably called it.
Josh: Why the fuck they doing this in Queens?!
Jake: It's those Staten Islanders bro, they treat unspoken rules like Legal. Now it spread like some social disease!
by Capuchin for Hire October 2, 2023
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The politically correct (PC) term for someone previously known as an Indian Giver.
Aww, c'mon promised I could have the TV. Now you're giving it to Hank?! You're a Native American Gift Repossession Specialist!
by photomasta November 29, 2017
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