Guy: "You know I found Big foot at the petrol station and he told me "Listen man, We're not extinct we just cover our tracks and bury our dead because you guys, you like to eat things and keep things as slaves." Then he asked for 3 dollar fiddy.

"Wow man you convinced me, it seems like you found a rare spawn."
by Indianacones April 25, 2017
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Rare TooToo is a monster in My Singing Monsters.
Guy#1: Rare TooToo takes a long time to breed and hatch.

Guy#2: Yep.
by BuddyMaddie April 29, 2022
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Eating out a girl after she's done with her period
Omg you guys I had sex with this girl...she had rare tuna
by Kimberstella February 14, 2016
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Gonna be honest I really don’t know what rare vine means. I think people just use it for clickbait
Rare vines I watch when I’m in someone’s attic.
by The Texan Pennsylvanian September 29, 2021
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The rare crackening is defined as an event where claws are cracked. Though this phrase would imply infrequency of the action itself or the choice of time of the action, this is not the case. The rare crackening typically occurs during times when crackenings are most common. Its an inception pounder.
"Ah, its a rare crackening on a Sunday for the Patriots game"- KDP

"KDP, you literally get drunk every Sunday during football season"- Unnamed Alcoholic
by pbones October 18, 2021
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A rare Sunday is an extremely rare occasion when a crackening occurs on a Sunday. This occasion is so special that it happens pretty much every Sunday. Rare Sundays are certainly reserved only for the most special of occasions.
“Dawgs I might cracken today. It’s a rare Sunday.”
- a dawg pounder

KDP you cracken every Sunday!”
- anonymous alcoholic

walks up to the first tee box “dawgs I’m so hungover. I’ve already had 4 BL pounders though”

- anonymous golfer
by Pounderdome15 June 12, 2022
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