The name given to someone with the uncommon name "Malcolm" amongst a group or community in which only one person called Malcolm exists.
I had a lengthy chat with the 'Rare Malcolm' the other day.
by Mr Tindall January 7, 2017
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In an entirely new, or pertaining to a level of rareness beyond regular or un-ultra proportions. Typically used too describe relics and artifacts of grand proportion from the past.
by APOModern June 29, 2018
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A song that doesn’t make any sense but still is some how irrelevant.
“No I know that hm... very rare shawty wanna face fuck ah ha ha come here boo I’m finna get fucked
by Keithkogane is sexy March 16, 2019
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Your dad leaves to get a bag of sour patch kids, and 10 years later, he actually brings a 24-gallon can full of blue raspberry flavored sour path kids.
Your dad is like how i enjoy my steak, rare
by zaqwszsfdzsgf December 19, 2019
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