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The term Ranjit arose in the 21st Century as a word used for defining those who looked like they had just moved to England from an Asian influenced, 3rd world country. It resembles the meaning of a "Freshie" which is labelled as someone who has just moved to a Western country, typically on a boat. It was invented by Super-producer Vex King and former Youtube star Jessel Parekh who has claimed a number of hits on his infamous video "Freshie Caught Singing."
"Hey look at that guy's moustache, he looks like a proper Ranjit"!

"Oh wow that guy dresses like a complete Ranjit, his sandals are completely Fresh."

"He could probably be taken seriously if he wasn't a Ranjit"
by Sree123 June 08, 2009
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A guy who any girl would love to fuck. Extremely talented, and has a large penis. Very sexual when he feels like it.
Girl 1: OMG is that Ranjit over ther?!
Girl 2: Yeah, OMG I so want to fuck him
Girls : Is he single?!
Girl 3 : Yeah, I'm gonna ask him out
Girls : He's all mine!!!!!!!
by Luciathebest July 19, 2016
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a boy who has nice eyes . who is sweet to girls . who is not a PLAYER. he can be stupid sometimes but hes a sweetiepie. all the girls waant him :) also hes sweet to his family. like mom and sisters
girls : RANJIT is so HOT!
girl 1: hes all mine !
by looobveers March 15, 2010
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Name. Usually given to an extremely multi talented and intelligent person. Also comes with large penis and good sense of humor.
girl1:oh my god, thats ranjit.!
girl2: oh my god, i wana fuck him till he drops dead!
by draco27 March 16, 2010
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