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1. A word used to refer to a specific person, creature or sometimes an object. Referring to someone/thing with a name often implies having some sort of personal connection to said person/thing, though this is not always the case.

2. A god-awful trend on UrbanDictionary where a person takes their own name, or the name of a friend or significant other, and submit a definition of said name having a large amount of positive attributes associated with it. This is done to imply that anyone with that particular name has said positive attributes (such as being athletic, charismatic, etc.), and is usually done for the purposes of ego-stroking.
1. "My name is Alex."

"Do you like my new dog? His name's Rover."

2. Tim - "I'm gonna post my name on UrbanDictionary and say that I'm intelligent, athletic and get hella bitches."

Joe - "Dude, you live in a fucking basement and play anime games all day. Stop stroking your own ego and go do something with your life."
by Head Cultist October 27, 2019

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An overpriced, unreliable piece of shit. Are often seen being driven by rich white women or their thot daughters, both of which cannot drive to save their (or their sugar daddy's) life. Repairs are expensive and you'll be doing them often since they're woefully unreliable, most basic features are optional even though cars that are half the price have them as standard, and basically the British equivalent of a soccer mom vehicle.

Despite all this, the Range Rover's sibling, the Land Rover, is actually a very competent off-roader. A shame that 90% of their customers will never know this.
Range Rover dealership: Parking sensors will be an additional £2095, sir.
Consumer: What the fuck, a Toyota RAV4 has this shit as standard!

17 year old thot: *drives Range Rover into a bus*
Bus driver: Watch where you're going, you spoilt bitch!
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by Head Cultist June 27, 2019

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A high end smartphone made by Google, designed to compete with the iPhone. Unfortunately, Google seems to be doing this by copying whatever "courageous" thing Apple did but a year or two later. iPhone removes the headphone jack in 2016, Pixel in '18. iPhone adds Face ID in '17, Pixel might have it in '19. As you might expect, most people aren't going to buy an iPhone copy when they could buy an actual iPhone for the same price.

Google pushes for two main advantages that it has over it's competitors:
* The Pixel's camera (Legitimate advantage, but most people the Pixel targets will put filters on their photos or have them compressed to hell regardless of how good the camera is).
* The fact that it uses stock Android (Not applicable to about 95% of the people Google is targeting).

Design and feature wise, the Pixel is behind most of it's competitors. Put a Galaxy Note or a high end OnePlus or Huawei next to the Pixel, and you'll see the latter looks objectively blander and less premium than the more ostentatious competitors. When it comes to software, the Pixels often lack features that the competitors have had already (facial recognition, dark mode, SD card slot, dual/triple cameras).

All of this being said, the Pixels could have sold decently if they were marketed towards the tech enthusiasts rather than a mainstream audience. Google's old Nexus phone managed to have some appeal with that crowd. But with the Pixel, they're stuck in an uncomfortable middle ground.
Person A: I have a Galaxy S10
Person B: I have an iPhone X
Pixel owner: I have a Google Pixel.
Person A & B: Dude, wtf is that thing? Looks like an iPhone copy.

Pixel owner: My Pixel is better than your rubbish Samsung.
Tech head: That thing doesn't even have expandable storage,a wideangle or telephoto camera, or dark mode. The gesture navigation it forces you to use is also dog shit, and it's got a ton of software bugs as well. And it costs $900?
Pixel owner: bUt mUh uPdAtEs
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by Head Cultist September 11, 2019

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