A suburb in south east Sydney known for being a psych ward in which every second cunt is a spinner - the suburb is also nicknamed “spinnerwick” and “crackheadville”. It’s postcode is 2031 excluding the pooftas in clovelly who for some retarded reason share the postcode with rando. also Ivan milat was born there
Adlay A:I’ve been trapping in the Alison private lodge, Randwick
by Ariel helwani February 04, 2020
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A place in Sydney where all the goth and freak people live that just take drugs and have sex all day.
Fuck a freak in randwick
by Moses February 03, 2004
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A failing NSW government school in which carries a notorious reputation around the general public.
Famous for producing fine athletes such as Chuck Norris and offering a wide range of sports ranging from russian roulette kick-boxing and naked mud wrestling.
Below is an example of a confrontation between a cityrail officer and a student.
The Cityrail officer's eyes meet with your Randwick Boys logo on your shirt. He says: "Randwick (pause) Boys (pause) high school" to agitate and piss you off. You stare at him as if to say stfu but you don't say a word. He insults you and then makes a joke which only outlines his stupidy, as no-one, not even his colleagues, find it at all funny or amusing. You walk away after 10 minutes of hassle, angry at the fact you've missed the 8am train and also at the fact you've had your time wasted by a cityrail douchebag whom was being another typical, immature, dickhead. Unsatisfied, you continue your journey to another day of school, knowing all too well that the day ahead had worse to come.

Randwick Boys' High School
by ImSureYoullAgreeWithMe June 06, 2009
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A south-east sydney suburb full of bums, junkies and gutter kuntzz.
Sum Randwick locals: Squinty, Lieutenant Dan, Beer Lord, Homeless Borat aka. Hobo Joe aka. Sacha Baron Cohen, Barefoot Bill, L.A Dodgers squad, Father Peter, Alison Lodge crackheads, Frog Man (R.I.P), that fat bum thatz always chuffing a durry, CutsPlus boyz, SriLank, that Midget chick, Moustache Lady, Raptor13, Gandalf, TAB boyzz, Conor mcgregors and dee devlins, Motorised wheelchair gang, Icehead and his Shabmobile (R.I.P), Fat Hooker aka. Big Momma aka Fat Ganga, Liam Neeson aka. DurryPicker aka. Absolute legend probs fuked ur mum ay, Maccas Adlays, KFC Adlays, Pasty Aaron Kyro, Dave from tha farm, Fitness first roid heads, Bruce the shark (blow in from coogee), Belmore Boyz, Everlast Meth head aka Hoodie Kid aka the Hooded Bandit (R.i.P), Snip Snap lebo n earchers, The comic book guy, 16 and Pregnants, Long-hair yahoo aka. Gandalf's nephew (blow in from who knows ay), Dole Bludgers, Randy wix nymphomaniacs, Bupa Lady, Plaza Hobo chick, KFC Hobo chick, British and Irish convenience store (LOCALS ONLY CUNT), Big Boy, Mr Ping, Noodle Stanley, Hola Amigo, Old Skool Earchers, Ping Dog (R.I.P), Empanada Slanger, Coach n Horses bouncers, Prickly Pete aka. Herbert the Pervert, Snorlax, Tha Mad Lady, Vinnies Earcher, Blackie Chan (R.I.P), Bucktooth bandit, Moey, TumorCunt aka WorstPublicTransportIntheworld aka TGIF, 2 dollar chick (blown in from kingy), Mr Dick, and the list goes on
by MikeHunt51961319313 March 25, 2020
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