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More commonly known as a "public school," a government school is a place where unwitting parents send their children to be turned into dull, decadent, complacent citizens dependent on government and unable to survive in anything other than a collectivist, anti-individualist, government-regulated society.
In the natural order of things, children are supposed to get smarter as they progress through the different grades of school. But in a government school, kids actually get DUMBER as they move on up through the grades.
Besides robbing children of their intelligence and individuality, government schools also expose their hapless attendants to lefist propaganda, such as revisionst history and that monument of global-warming panic, "An Inconvient Truth."
Any parent who cares about the future of their children should (a)avoid these monstrosities and send their kids to private school or homeschool them, or(b) pray to God fervently that there child survives school with their individuality and smarts intact.
Jo-Anna: I homeschool my kids.
Erin: I send mine to a government school
Jo-Anna: YOU ABUSIVE BITCH! (runs off screaming)
Erin's retarded, government school-educated son: What's with her?
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A term for public schools used by right-wing conspiracy nuts who believe (erroneously) that the quality is generally lower than private schools or homeschooling, or that all that happens there is liberal indoctrination. The person using the term almost never has any actual experience with or knowledge about public schools or education in general, and the use of the term is a reliable indicator that the user is a member of the tinfoil hat crowd whose opinion on any subject should be taken with a dump truck full of salt. Sometimes pronounced "guv'mint school."
All they teach you at that there guv'mint school ("Government School") is that the moon landing weren't faked, that global warming hokum, and that there evolooshun. I keep mah kids home and homeschool 'em so they knows that the Earth is on'y 6,000 years old, and Jeebus rode dinosaurs.
by No Tinfoil Hat For Me June 19, 2013
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