Ramon is obviously the coolest person you’ll ever meet but also kind to others. Ramon likes to get a good kick out of things and will always try to cheer people up. He is also a very good lover ;) and loves short walked on the beach. But overall he’s mean at kapa haka and awesome with all weapons. If you meet a Ramon definitely hug him.
“Ramon loves to cheer people up “
by Kei hea to wharepaku March 03, 2020
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He is a sex god, gives good of the sex’s please love Ramon, he will suck you really well and swell, :)
Ramon is hot af
by NitroPvPYT November 17, 2018
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A nice socially awkward guy with a tendancy to be a little (a lot) obsessive. Doesn't understand when a girl is not interested in him and overanalyzes everything she says because he believes he has a chance even when he does not.
Look at that kid talking to Tyara

Yea he thinks hes got a shot with her even after she told him about her bf
WOAH what a Ramon!
by truthteller989898 November 03, 2013
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def. A lightweight Salvadorian who has no neck and gets drunk off two bears; a two beer queer
Frank: "Look, Ramon is double fisting"
Eli: "Hes done for the night!"
by fdatank88 May 03, 2010
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a term for a man who snorts salt, watches anime and porn all day and threatens to kill teachers at school.*

*may also walk up to your house one day when you're not there and proceed to enter your house.
man 1 : duude watch this part in my anime 2 gurls r fukin
man 2 : stop being a ramon.
by man101234 March 16, 2017
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