Ramification is hard fucking; sexual poundation; the act of rapid and furious penetration during intercourse
"I was really stressed out last night, but a good ramification helped clear the mind."

"After a long night of ramification I like to smoke a cigarette then sleep 'til noon"
by Jesse McMofo September 11, 2008
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1. Consequences of a given action regarding social and political infrastructure.

2. A specific MUCK, themed on anthropomorphic animal individuals.

Also: Used as an expression of joy uttered during sexual intercourse between intellectuals.
1. "I suppose you've thought about the sociopolitical ramifications of converting coalition resources to a war footing..."

2. "I am logging on to SocioPolitical Ramifications MUCK."

Also. (just use your imagination)
by Alfador January 19, 2005
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Noun. Slang. It’s what happens when gays don’t get action. Butt cuz he’s gay and ramifications cuz there’s consequences for not getting any: he cuts them off!
Hey! Why can’t I get some? Some what? Action! I’m cutting you off! Why? Cuz you won’t give me any! You know what that’s called? What? Butt ramifications
by B-rizzle June 21, 2019
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When you've gone on a facebook spree and now get 50 thousand notifications. Usually you've commented on something obscure and the ensuing comments spiral into a whirlwind comment-fest that you wish you'd never begun.
Man, I wish I hadn't gone on that facebook spree! Now I can't log in to facebook without having 50 thousand notifications, all from commenting on Scott's status! The notification ramifications from that comment are insane!
by Bears n Basketball January 22, 2011
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When a trans-masc with a four letter name challenges his newfound gender norms via cooking, cleaning, etc.; particularly in aid of their partner and their partner’s lifelong bestie.
There are some serious marsupial ramifications to our friend Mike cleaning the bathroom for us
by Yee Haw Yall November 7, 2021
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