A hardworking girl who finally found her beau. Loving and caring, would do anything for a friend. Will grow up to be an amazing mom and wife.
by georgieporgiepuddinginpie February 03, 2010
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Ramie is the type of girl that can make u cry then instantly make u smile at any given moment. She is so sexy. She gets all the guys and can get u jealous by just saying a word that sounds like another guy's name. She is athletic and fun to play games with. She can make u fall in love in 1 day without ever seeing her in person. she is the sweetest person ever. She will keep you guessing 24/7 so baisicly the best person ever and wife material.
by Halen_granger July 17, 2017
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An amazing guy who is super sexy, has amazing hair and is one of the most charismatic people at school. Some people may call him annoying but usually they are just jealous. He is a brainy jock who messes with the substitute teacher.
Dude, that guys almost as funny as Rami.
by CristianoMuller March 07, 2017
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Ramy is an Egyptian/Arabic name which means "Archer" or "Bow-man"
man1: Who's that strong man over there?
man2: He's a Ramy
by Pimp Ray September 24, 2010
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A Ramy is a manly man who is truly kind hearted. A Ramy will go out of its way to help others in need, in other words, a Ramy is your modern-day super hero, who has no super powers.
Subject 1: Hey look, it's a duck!
Subject 2: No, it's a helicopter!
Subject 3: No.. it's just Ramy.
by Costa Xilouris November 21, 2010
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Rami is an Arabic boy name. Rami is usually handsome,smart,quiet,and has the best looking hair. Rami is very nice and caring. He barely has any friends and doesn't say much about himself,but he can be trusted. Rami can be annoying and aggressive sometimes. He also understands people very well. Rami is an amazing person overall, if you have a Rami in your life neve leave him.
by Unknown_6969 May 31, 2019
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