Raissa is not a common name, it is a name given to a female. Raissa is attractive in many ways. People always tend to envy her but she doesn't let it get to her head. She can be the greatest of friends you can have. You can talk bad about her and she won't really care but talk bad about someone she loves and all hell will get lose. She always gives great advice and will always be here whenever someone needs her. Her loyalty runs deep even if yours is not the same for her. She is liked by many especially boys who try to make her theirs, have in mind she is very hard to get but worth it she has self respect and knows how she should be treated. Most of the times she is very intelligent. She follows her heart but uses her head. If you ever meet a Raissa be sure to not let her go you might need her someday.
Boy: Bro have you seen Raissa?i think i like her tbh
Boy 2: Nah man i heard Arnold likes her too but she don't pay him mind
by Appletreefarms June 19, 2018
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"Raissa" (spelled in English with 2 's' to avoid the misreading of 'Raiza') is a common Russian female name with diminutive "Raya." The latter means 'paradisiac' in Russian (or 'from the paradise') and 'princess' or 'mistress' in Arabic, which is why the saying "She is such a raissa" also means "She is such a royalty" (whether 'spoiled brat' or 'lofty' and 'cute'). Historically speaking, the name originates from the Ancient Greek 'Herais' Ηραις, a derivative from the name of the Greek goddess Hera, from which we have words like Hero, Heroic, and even Heraldry (Nobility). That's the main root and meaning of the name RAISSA = Heroic and Noble, with the connotation of Divine (Paradisiacal).
"She is such a raissa" (such a royalty)
by Timeship July 16, 2018
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Raissa is not a very common name, except in the Philippines. It can be pronounced in many different ways. She is usually a nice girl that has a great personality and always puts everyone before her, even though she knows she will have to worry about herself. Very sweet and always happy looking.
GIRL: Have you seen Raissa? I need to get advice from her.
BOY: Yea, she's over there!
by teenagedreamkatyperryyeeee October 8, 2010
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Used to describe the hottest girl known to man (or woman).
Man 1: Phoar! that girl is Raissa!!!
Hot Girl 1: Oh yea, I'd go lesbian for that
by trustme6666 May 14, 2010
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Badass bitch. She won't take no for an answer, but she will definitely give you it. She is fiercely loyal to her friends and will defend them. Roasting QUEEN. Usually has a boyfriend named Hamid.
Girl 1- Damn Raissa. You need to stop roasting these bitches!

Girl 2- Yeah. These assholes will do enough of it in hell.
Boy 1- Love you. That guy tried to get money from me but I told him to back off.
by marriedin2005 February 14, 2018
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What you say when you get dumped by your girlfriend.
Hot Girlfriend (For this example, her name is Eva): I don't think we should see each other anymore.

Ugly Boyfriend: Raissa!!!! (In sob-like state)
by Ihearthuckabees201 August 21, 2007
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Brazilian slang for 'difficult'.
"God, this is so raissa!"
by gaycation August 30, 2008
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