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"Raise Awareness" is a buzzword meaning "Doing something that I think solves the problem to look good, but in reality doesn't actually solve the problem"

You can "Raise Awareness" by liking pictures of poverty and people with diseases, commenting on them with generic "its so sad" phrases, or by posting on a companies facebook wall telling them that they need to change one of their products to 'raise awareness' about an issue. All of which don't solve the problem or raise money for it, such as going on a charity run or volunteering to help.
"Have you heard about this guy Kony? We need to raise awareness so he can be stopped!"

"But how will raising awareness stop him? We should actually spend our time helping the less fortunate, instead of just promoting this war lord"

"Yeah, but liking pictures and posting on peoples walls is much much easier than anything that requires effort"
by Drake-sic October 16, 2012
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What you do when you want to look like you're helping without actually having to help.
After Madonna started raising awareness about Malawi, people cared a lot more about Malawi and all of Malawi's problems went away.
by radishes December 20, 2010
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A term used by media-savvy organizations who are all about taking meaningless action that is guaranteed to get their face plastered all over the news, but doesn't do one damned thing to actually fix the problem.
"Men brave the streets in STILETTOS to help in raising awareness of domestic violence."
by TomFawls September 27, 2013
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