The vagina of a female mammal that never showers or shaves.

Words to debcribe: swetty, fishy, rotten, extremely hairy, sticky, putrid smelling, organism infested area around the pubic and vaginal area.
"Bro don't even talk about her pussy. With her lack of personal hygiene, that shit must be like a fuckin Rain Forest."
by ImScubaSteveBitch December 04, 2012
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Formerly called Jungles, but the PC crowd (liberals) decided Jungles was a bad word. Brings to mind black people running around naked swinging through trees. Rain forest on the other hand makes us think of tall magnificent trees, beautiful flowers and friendly animals.
Lets go for a walk in the rain forest.
This sux, the bugs are eating me up in this rain forest.
Tarzin don't live in the Jungle, you fool, he lives in the the rain forest.
I liked the Jungle better, it rains all the time in this rain forest.
I live in the Urban rain forest right next to the KFC.
by takethathill August 18, 2006
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When someone shaves off their pubes and makes out with the pubes still in their mouth.
I had a quite enjoyable rain forest last night
by Kinky assmaster February 06, 2004
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A woman sits in a chair, and a man lays on the floor with his mouth aligned below the muff. The woman pours his/her favorite beverage between her breasts where it flows through the "rain forest" into the mans waiting mouth. Yum..Yum
see above
by P.B. March 17, 2004
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The massive amount of pubic hair found in the genital region around the testicals, penis and in the gooch of a Sicilian man. Often mistaken for small vicious mammals such as the wolverine. Has known to drive sane people insane, scar small children, and swallow women whole as they attempt fellacio. In order to be trimmed, the Sicilian Rain Forest must be tackled by a hedge trimmer or chain saw. Exercise extreme caution if confrontation is made.
It took Dave almost 3 months to shave his Sicilian Rain Forest. It cost him him $23,000 and 13 hired mexican migrant workers.
by RalphyWiggum October 24, 2005
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Densely overgrown pubic bush that is impenetrable and exudes extreme humidity. May harbour unusual or exotic flora and fauna. May be found in some lesbian communities, Appalachian hillbillies, Russian shotputters,female Sasquatch, adrenogenital syndrome and bearded dwarves.
"Hey Chuck how did you go with that Sasquatch last night"
"Real bad. I got stuck in her Amazonian Rain Forest for 12 hours and had to do the angry lawnmower to get out"
by argusm May 22, 2007
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