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1. A term to express anger (origin Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy)
2. Replaces any unneeded or forgotten words when describing someone who yelled at you
3. What one says when sneaking up upon another
4. The sound one makes when rage quitting a game (said to have come from the pause sound in super mario world)
1. Bonquisha: Yo weave is so greasy I could fry my chicken in it!

Kooladria: Raggle Fraggle (Drop kicks Bonquisha in the face an rips her weave out).

2. Ashley: After my mother found out I crashed the car into an orphanage she was all like "Raggle Fraggle".

3. Billy: Please pass the egg salad.

Big Foot: Raggle Fraggel!

Billy: Ahhh, somebody help me!

4. Nerd:(Gets killed in World of WarCraft) Raggle Fraggle!!
by ClashWithYou July 10, 2011
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A term used as the act of attempting to or succeding in sneaking up on someone.
Tim- I think someone is behind me....



Mark- Yo dude i scared the shit out of you...

Tim- Your an asshole

As seen above Mark used the only technique he knew in scaring Tim, by screaming RAGGLE FRAGGLE he succeded.
by Nick Hutcheson November 07, 2006
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1. A term used to replace as many words in a sentence as you like. Raggle Fraggle is always capitalized no matter where in a sentence it is used.

2. A greeting used by somewhat immature boys to express a general good mood.

3. To replace the word "what" while asking a question.

4. Used while sneaking up on someone to scare the shit out of them. Very effective if done very quietly, or if people forget you're there.
Justin: Raggle Fraggle. (how's it going)
Jon: Raggle Fraggle? (what)
Justin: Raggle Fraggle man! (What the hell man?)
Jon: Yeah, Raggle Fraggle! (Yeah, what the hell?)
by Raine343 June 06, 2009
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random ouburst made by sasquatches in billy and mandy now used by greebos(who r awesomey)at rednock as either a random out burst or to scare the shit into someone.
example one

Charlie:hey jables!
Jables(James):RAGGLE FRAGGLE!!!!
Charlie:what the fuck mon

example 2

Dickwad:(walking along)tum ti tum, doo do doo
Jables:(jumps out of a bush)RAGGLE FRAGGLE!!!!!!
Dickwad: what the fuck u crazy leprichaun
Jables:(super pissed cuse he is half irish)FUCK U DICKCHEESE U LIL CUNT SUCKING OTHER FUCKER(and is now beating him to death with a thimble
by Jables a.k.a james alvis April 30, 2007
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A Outburst that people use when excited or surprised; A common phrase used by people in the tourettes institution.
Guy 1: Hey man was up?
Guy with tourettes: Ahh nothing much how bout you?
Guy 1: Oh nothing just got back from work
Guy with tourettes: oh thats co...RAGGLE FRAGGLE!
Guy 1: AHHH! You bastard...

by Zack Herrell November 25, 2006
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