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1. Someone who thinks that dressing up in military surplus gear (especially Russian or Army camo), along with unnecessary straps and pouches, and adding gratuitous amounts of accessories (rail systems, adjustable stocks, laser targeting systems, aim point, optic scopes, grenade launchers, fore grips, duct tape, etc.) to their airsoft or paintball gun, with the mentality, that they are a complete and total badass and in the military.
2. Someone who is not in the military, but has a military mentality, and isn't a complete and total moron. This person is usually of low income, and makes by with what he/she has, saving money for long periods of time to buy a new gun and accessories to go with it. The lack of money usually limits the amount of crap that they attach to the gun. Usually a badass and has a bad reputation, and has graduated high school.
3. Someone who is a complete and total badass and is in the military that wears the appropriate gear, and appropriates the right equipment to their firearm for the situation at hand. Always a badass in the field.
4. Australians in general.
John: Dude, look at that moron with all the straps and shit.
Jack: He probably thinks he's tacticool and a badass.
John: What a fucking n00b.
Jack: Yeah. Join the service you fucking retard!

Jane: It's not much, but I make due with what I have.
Jack: What are you talking about? That's so tacticool!
Jane: Tacticool? WTF does that mean?

Army Ranger: Check this guy out, he's so fricking tacticool.
Navy SEAL: Fuck yeah! I wonder what branch he's with.
Army Ranger: Hey, what branch are you?
Spetsnaz: Вот дерьмо. Американцев. (Oh shit. Americans)

Aussi: G'day mate.
American: Dude, you're so tacticool.
Aussi: This is jus' what I head out into the bush with, mate.
by Raine342 August 10, 2010

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