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A Really HOT girl ....... Also she is the most beautiful girl in the world... and a fun girl to talk to and not worry what you say to her... She might like it what u say .
Raeleigh is a really hot girl that you will like with brown hair
and she has a great personality and funny humor..
by she calls me jonny November 21, 2010
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A typical blonde girl. No one can pronounce her name and she corrects them every time. She secretly is very picky. She seems very adorable and fun-loving but really she is very opinionated. She may be small but you do not mess with a Raeleigh, she will roast the life out of you if you do.
A girl: well there goes that Raeleigh

(Raeleigh hears her and smacks her and walks off like a savage)
(Raeleigh is carried off to the distance by crowds of people)
by Rab likes cats May 06, 2018
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Raeleigh is a super HOT girl. All the boys want her as their girl. She is really thick. She is kind and has a fun personality. If you ever meet a Raeleigh you’ll want to be her friend.
I love hanging out with Raeleigh. She is so fun and so beautiful.
by Nina Langenhoff May 14, 2018
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An amazing girl who's funny and sweet. she loves twenty one pilots and other emoish bands
really likes cats
Raeleigh is so cool!
by randomdrawer March 24, 2017
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