A really funny, smart, cool, and handsome guy. He is the best boyfriend you could ever get. He is not a douche bag, hey will treat you with respect. If you ever find a guy named Radley marry him, you wont regret it
Oh my gosh, its Radley! I love you!
by SuperZ May 10, 2012
A most superior Public School where only the cream of the upper class go.
Gaudy being the climax of the season, Bigside being the holy playing fields and the Chicken Roll being the most sacred of all.
Radley Forever!
by The Warden May 19, 2004
A cool, pimpin, and awesome person. If you know someone with this name, you are blessed.
Wow, Radley is the most 1337 person I know!
Radley is so awesome!
by Anonymous July 8, 2004
a fuckin institution' like, where poh twats go, like an learn fings. Vey don' mess aroun' like and vey wana goto colege, like.
I is guessing vat you lots is all radley doods, so i is finking vat i might get mi boys to hunt you down, like.
by Urban guru May 21, 2004
Please don’t name your kid Radley. You know who you are.
Radley is a dumb name
by radleysux November 26, 2019
Isaac Radley, also known as Shredzilla, is professional skater we all know and love. He came to fame after he kickflipped down M.t Blanc with 20 pugs on his skateboard. He has done many new weird and wacky tricks and stunts which we all know about
"Dude, you know that Isaac Radley, you know, Shredzilla killed a dude after he popped an ollie off the Taj Mahal and landed on him?"
by ThatSexyBassist February 24, 2013