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1. A drink popular in Bavaria made from mixing beer with soda, usually lemon-lime soda (sometimes called a Shandy in other parts of Europe)

2. The result of oral sex that is either so aggressive or so amateur that it leaves a mark
Janice was really drunk last night - she went down on me and ended up giving me a radler.

I like the chances of me getting a radler from one of these coked up girls

Your girl just got braces? Damn, looks like you're in for some nasty radlers
by PalmBeachBar April 28, 2009
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A German brand of beer flavored with lemonade or another soft drink.

Also the act in which a fiery female fucks a male then tells him to leave. Or a Female who fucks and tells a male that "Shh you are prettier when you don't speak."
Last night this chick radlered me. She left me in a bathroom stall.
by Shhulikeitthatway October 20, 2007
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This is when a Female gets so completely and utterly drunk that she does the following:
-Blacks Out
-Hook up with fat/ugly girls
-Fucks random boys in bathrooms or other public venues
-Fail to hook up with hot guys because you pass out on them
-Vomit uncontrollably
-Make loud, boisterous, and thoroughly untruthful claims about your achievements
-Commit yourself to large and utterly hopeless wagers that you have no way of covering
-Bitches out girls she really hates
-Break Things
-Become very angry with inanimate objects, and loudly curse them
-Usually hurts themselves by falling down stairs, face planting or walking into inanimate objects
-Convinces people not to pay their huge bar tabs by claiming "they love me here, they fucking love me here."
-Peeing on the floor
-Removes outlets from walls

Then waking up the next morning completely sober and not recalling one thing that happened.
You were so Radler drunk last night that you... (insert any of the above)

or you almost bit through your lip
by Shhulikeitthatway October 20, 2007
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