person a : oh yeah radish is super cool i just did it
persob b : dawg what

person c : yo same
person b : wtf
by bubblegram April 20, 2021
Something sexy in a weird creepy kind of way.
That old guy in nothing but underwear is so radishing.
by KMPisradishing! April 22, 2012
Noun. Used to describe a total and utter bitch. It's like a codeword. like.. 'salad' can mean your town, and then yo can say "god i hate having radishes in my salad".

one of Katee, Emma & Co's neologisms.
XOX! I XOXING hate having xoxing Radishes in my chemistry class. Radishes is such a xoxing maham. This is so xoxing nxn!
by Ally Sheedy February 17, 2006
Thoughts of private body parts belonging to one's person/people of interest that invade ordinary day-to-day living or thought processes.
I was just talking to a friend about nothing in particular and totally got the radishes about that manz at work.
by Molestation Larry September 28, 2009
The Radish King (formerly known as Dissonant Values) is a gamer/troll and blogger. A former collaborator of Youtubers MinnesotaBurns and True Editor, marked by his eccentric behavior and dry sense of humor. Known for his cynicism, sarcasm, and overall deadpan behavior in game lobbies, The Radish King has no problem making other gamers cry and question their self worth. Also a major contributor to the Naruto fan community, The Radish King is a wealth of knowledge, overt bullshit, and borderline insanity. Skimming the fine line between bona-fide royalty and juvenile attention seeking farce, The Radish King is best left to the gutter of the gaming world.
"Yeah, that's right, I just sent you to an early grave. I'm Captain Planet Motherfuckers and I'm going back up. Don't you summon me again unless you ready for that pain. The power is mine."

"One night, many years ago I lay with a woman and from that union a child was born. Nine months later you took your first breath. Who's your father now asshole? Oh, and your mothers a whore."

Gamer 1: "Crap, The Radish King is in this lobby with his party. Let's back out..."
by Contributor32 September 7, 2013
Vermont / New England saying for when an item or person is so messed up, broken, worthless that it is no longer useful and is essentially junk.
by jescoelvis March 5, 2011