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A girl who engages in any of the following activities:

1) Giving her tight pussy to multiple guys, with her full consent

2) Passes suggestive remarks to every hot guy she sees

3) Is extraordinarily horny, even when she's studying in the class

4) Sometimes doesn't wear her panty, so as to flash her bush to her colleagues

5) Masturbates regularly, sometimes using veggies, and wants a large throbbing cock inside her cunt

6) If married, she regularly cheats on her hubby, with multiple men, because the bitch in her can never be satisfied
1) That Manasi Mehta used to give her pussy to every other guy at her college...such a raand she is!

2) That bitch Manasi Mehta is such a raand; her boobs were just 32C when she joined college, but she got them squeezed from so many guys that now she wears a 36D!
by BoobSpanker October 22, 2009
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A unisex term to refer to a slut. More correctly meaning prostitute.
That Dave is such a raand. All the horny bastard does is drill sluts all day long.
by Champ January 09, 2004
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