Motor vehicle produced by Mazda Corporation in the 1970s.
powered by a revolutionary rotary engine.
young kids now fit the bigger 13B turbo engines and race larger V8 powered cars.
V8s engined cars are owned by yobbos.
who have hairstyles called MULLETS.
That RX3 is fully sick mate.
That RX3 is bombed off its nuts
by dusher March 6, 2003
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a fully sick car bro, goes relli fast. Mazda rotary engine. Mate.. if u own one of dese.. u r a fukn legend!
ohh.. damn that rx3'z hot!!
by ::|~@m!L~|:: March 12, 2004
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A car for losers who cant afford to buy a decent V8 and think themselves cool (see cool).
the loser in the RX3 crusied the streets thinking he was cool
by Overcast March 20, 2003
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RX3 or "gay" is a common joke told by man kind who drive V8 (or atleast piston) engines. This form of man is commenly refered to by the RX3 community as "man with unexplainable attraction to FEMALES"
rotaries can be found at your local chicken shop
by MAGSSSS August 13, 2003
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It's the other name for the single "Red Rocket Rising" (Rx3) from the BEMANI music group BeForU.

Rx3 = Red Rocket Rising (Only for the original version, not for the English edit.)
Rx3 = Red Rocket Rising
I like Rx3 from BeForU = I like Red Rocket Rising
by Light Yagami June 5, 2007
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