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u FKN FOOL u cant even spell commodore
sik car bye the bye
by MAGSSSS September 5, 2003
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RX3 or "gay" is a common joke told by man kind who drive V8 (or atleast piston) engines. This form of man is commenly refered to by the RX3 community as "man with unexplainable attraction to FEMALES"
rotaries can be found at your local chicken shop
by MAGSSSS August 13, 2003
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An awsome motor car released in the 60's by GHM. also known as Torrie, it was the first australian car to give the buyer a choice of 4, 6 or eight cylinders (a total of 8 engines).

The prefix of the model numbers are "L" eg. LH, LX, LJ, LC... etc...
This refers to the "light" nature of the car.
go to the next aussie muscle car show and check out the "torrie" scene
by MAGSSSS August 13, 2003
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