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Railway Spunk Bucket. A lady who is particularly promiscuous on preserved steam railways around the world.
Guy 1: She's a little friendly?!
Guy 2: That's because she's an RSB!
by Steammerrs March 06, 2014
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RuneScape Boards - the forums on the official RuneScape website. More based on politics and flame wars than actual fighting. Some "legendary" RSB figures are Alexian Cale (Treck40), Tallon911, King Aladdin, Neath17, and Rebelrbl.
"I rarely see RSB clans in the wild..."
by -=Charlie=- September 27, 2005
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a ownage runescape player than owns all and is ownage in wc, range, str, and everything you don't have.
rsb owned me while i was in the wild, he hit a 99 with his foot and lol'd when he looted my full 3rd age melee and 500m cash
by spencer brown November 23, 2007
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Road side bomb.
1) To suffer great misfortune.

2) To suffer grievous injury or death.

3) To be dumped by a lover, or dissed by a romantic prospect.
1) Yo the repo man just took my car, the boss fired me and I am now eating out of a garbage can. Shit! I've been RSB'd by the Man!

2) My brother is recuperating at Walter Reed. He was RSB'd in Iraq.

3) Yo, my baby mama's be beasting. The bitch just kicked me out of the house and changed the locks. This is some grimy RSB shit!
by Nesta Alpha June 12, 2008
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