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Acronym for "running rampant fool"; a state of being. Describes anyone acting a fool in public and/or losing self-control. When engaging in the act of RRF'ing, you pull out all the stops and nothing can get in your way.

RRF'ing can be done either sober or intoxicated. The origination of this phrase dates back to April 2008 on the greenspace at Bentley College by a culprit known as "E.A.".

Can be used as a noun (RRF or RRF'er) or a verb (RRF'ing).

Girl 1: I can't wait to drink tonight. I will definately be RRF'ing all over the place.

Girl 2: Did you see me last night with the bag of Franzia and the D-Nugs throwback t-shirt? I was RRF'ing to the max.
by HebertKM July 10, 2008
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Rah Rah Fuck. An abbreviation for a fighter pilot chant. Used to describe something that is awetome, something that is fu(ked up, or a shared experience. The full chant is classified.

- Dude, did you hear we got a raise this year?
-- RRF!
- Dude, I heard our jets are all grounded.
-- RRF!
Shared experience:
killing all the red air, drinking a jack/tasty in the debrief, then capping it off with some spearmint rhino
-- RRF!
by Warhawk480 October 23, 2011
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