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An activity in which two (2) bros exchange vital information on their respective women-finding adventures.

*NOTE* When a bro calls a debrief session it MUST halt any other activity in which said bro is partaking. This includes (but not limited to): Sports, Video Games, TV, Girlfriends (if applicable), magazines, showering, sex (although very un-bro like behaviour) etc.
Bro, we've gotta Debrief about that mint cutlet I dotted the I with on Operation Niche
by DJ Connors April 11, 2006
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To strip a person of their briefs, shorts, or under garments in order to compel them talk.
Upon coming back from a space mission NASA will debrief everyone associated with the mission
by Puddin Dame November 13, 2007
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The act of talking in a group about the events of the night prior and piecing things together. This usually includes everyone attempting to recall the things that happened since most group members were most likely blacked out.
Josie: We figured out John made out with Alyssa during the debrief
Jim: Ew dude. That chick is barely a 1 on the trinary scale
by mshizzle10 January 20, 2015
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Oh my god, babe. I need to debrief, you fingered me like a God.
by Tteeaatteeaa July 16, 2018
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on a sunday afternoon have a drink and 'debriefing' or reflecting over the previous weekend, talking around a fire or something of that nature. a sunday debrief is just another excuse for mates to come around and drink.
mateeee, sunday afternoon. my place. sunday debrief.
by careyfairy. November 26, 2010
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