Cesar with da mother ducking rpg is a refers to a man named Cesar with a rpg he. Only brings death and destruction
Oh shit watch out for Cesar with da motherfucking rpg.
by Pancake stack July 24, 2021
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A device used by Samuel L. Jackson in the Avengers to fuck shit up
Dude I only went to see the Avengers because I heard SLJ was gunna use an RPG! I creamed!
by licking buttholes May 18, 2012
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TL;DR definition:

A game where you
level up character(s), usually gain experience points
have stats

gain items that go in an inventory
Usually fight other characters
Usually uses a text based system but not always

It also usually works just like how a tabletop RPG does but in a videogame.

What it's NOT:

Just a game where there's a character that has a role you play, there's a large amount of other games that have that description and aren't RPGs.

A game that has a typically fantasy environment, those are just what a lot of RPGs have, but it doesn't define what an RPG is. An RPG could be about food, dogs,markets, etc.

Two examples of RPGs are Undertale and Pokemon.
Person 1: What genre is Earthbound?

Person 2: I think it's an RPG.
by Bluepelt- February 24, 2019
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A weapon terrorists use to blow up US convoys during their daily patrol.

Also used by retards who are stupid enough to commit suicide by accident
Dude 1: yo is that a RPG
Dude 2: hell yeah, you wanna try it out
Dude 1: fuck yeah * blows himself up*

Dude:2 clean up in aisle 2 guys clean up in aisle 2
by MagicDildo October 08, 2019
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RPG doesn't actually mean "Role-Playing game" it actually stands for "Redneck Porn Game".
"WOW, I really love this RPG (videogame genre), Fallout New Vegas , very fun, 10/10."
by Dylan = Hasbulla June 18, 2021
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