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On April 20th 1999, Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris decided that they hated there school and were going to shoot down as many kids as possible and then themselves. Now you're probably thinking, what sick kids! Well let me turn your thinking around. They were bullied on a daily basis and honestly wanted nothing but happiness. They got picked on by jock's and popular kids. Now I'm sure you've been bullied, right? Well I'm guessing you don't plan on massacring your school or killing yourself.. But just imagine your bullying 10x worse? That's how it was for them. It was wrong what they did but people wouldn't listen. Also, at many schools they have something called 'Rachel's challenge' a story of the first girl who died. And they talk about how you should never bully yet every kid that walks out of that assembly doesn't learn shit.

Basically don't bully kids because you don't know what their capable off. And to any kid that thinks 'Oh no big deal' well just wait until some kids come in with 4 guns and shoots down your school. Then you'll regret ever being a bully.
Person 1: The Columbine massacre was crazy! Dylan and Eric were freaks who deserved their death.

Me: Do you know what it's like to be bullied? Oh that's right you don't. Because you're just another jock who has a perfect life.. Sorry I forgot..
by Nakia F. October 08, 2011
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Person 1: Ayo remember the Columbine Massacre.

Person 2: Hell yea, god damn best prank ever
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by BoiDafaqqq April 21, 2017
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