A game/Game making program, the first appearance of this game came on the Super Nintendo, whereas you could make a game, and watch your characters carry out there tasks, but couldn't really play it. A later installation of the game "RPG Maker 95" Was released for the computer, where you could assign your characters to events, make different maps, and actually play the game. Later generations revealed RPG Maker for the playstation and Playstaion 2, And the more advanced ones for computer, "RPG Maker 2000, RPG Maker 2003, RPG Maker XP, and the most recent RPG Maker VX"
When XP came into existance, it redefined the RPG Maker series,it replaced the old sideview battle system with a first person one, but not only could players just make the game, they could customize, XP Introduced RGSS, or, Ruby Game Scripting System, which, if you studied it, and learned how to use it, you could customize the whole program, to make something totally unique. In VX, They added RGSS2, being the same as RGSS, but much easier to use, You could add anything from overdrives or limit breaks to a side-view battle system. VX uses quick event creation, so its easy to create events like doors, teleporters, or treasure chests.
VX has some innovative features, but also took out some useful things, like returning to only 2 layers of layout, The layer for objects, and the layer for events, whereas the previous games had 3, or even 4 layers for increased customization.
RPG Maker can cost up to 100 dollars, but there are english translations out there for un-official ones that work just as well, not to mention keygens to unlock official ones.
RPG Maker is good for both the newbie looking to make his own game, or seasoned game makers, its fun either way.
The dude 1:So I bought RPG Maker for $99.99
The dude 2: Your an idiot, I found a keygen and got it for free!
The dude 1: ):
by Rabble flabble May 12, 2008
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