1. Roomie means roommate

2. Roomie is also the name of an amazing youtube sensation. He often covers viral videos and is in love with oreo cookies.
1. Omg, my roomie keeps on leaving empty cartons of milk in the fridge -_-

2. It's Roomie Tuesday! Time to watch a fudge load of his youtube videos, because Joel's my 42
by MasterOfCoolness December 31, 2011
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Room-mate. Someone sharing a room or apartment. See roomie.
My roomy is moving out soon. I'll have to find someone else to help me drink all this beer.
by budser December 13, 2007
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An inferred title given to active fans of the talented Swedish singer, music producer, music commentator, King of Dad jokes, and often copied content creator, Joel Berghult, also known as Lil Pitchy, also known as, the namesake of his sensational YouTube channel, Roomieofficial.

Roomies (plural) are known to congregate in the natural habitat of the Roomie community, which primarily consists of Twitter and the Roomieofficial subreddit.

The daily activities of a Roomie often include, but are not limited to, watching Roomieofficial videos on YouTube whilst anxiously awaiting Joel's daily video upload, watching said daily video, taking at least 69 screenshots during said daily video, then proceeding to make memes that bully Joel from said daily video, as well as edits, gif's, and fan art to show support and affection for Joel from said daily video.

The cultural traditions of Roomies are taken very seriously, and are an integral aspect of the Roomie Community dynamic. Such traditions include active participation in Twitter chains such as the famous Whep chain, welcoming new members to the Roomie community with love and acceptance, offering support and friendship to fellow Roomies, drinking apple juice, buying the Roomieofficial merch, streaming Lil Pitchy on Spotify and protecting Joel at all costs.
As a Roomie, I am so thankful I found Joel and joined the community last year.
by mysortofname January 3, 2021
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Room mate.
Someone who eats your food without permission.
My roomie just ate my centerlink allowance!
by Rose@-'-- April 12, 2011
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<noun> Room-mate. Someone who lives in the same house/apt./room with you so that RENT is cheaper.
<noun> Hey Kate, I'd like you to meet my new Roomie, Johannes.
by fitchickxina September 5, 2005
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Person 1: Aw she's so cute!
Person 2: Yea ikr she's a Roomi
by ummwut August 30, 2018
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An informality of the noun, roomates
My roomies and I are going to celebrate.
by Matt November 25, 2003
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