Real Nigga Shit, the most angry sounding rap music to get you pumped!
Me: "I'm so pumped for this race!"
Friend: "You listening to your rns rn?"
Me: "Of course, I got my ludacris game on!"
by hornyforpussy69 September 3, 2014
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Retarded Nose Syndrome. If one has a chronically runny nose from a long-lasting illness, or just unlucky enough to have abnormally runny nose genes, they are said to have RNS. Also sometimes known as Runny Nose Syndrome, for those easily offended.
Heather: Why do you have such a huge pile of nasty tissues by your desk?
Me: I have an acute case of RNS, once it starts it takes hours to die down!
Heather: Real nice.
by David J. Hansen April 27, 2009
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Rubbing Nipple Syndrome. My friend has it. =D
OMFG. That kid right there is rubbin his nipple. HE`S GOT RNS !
by MICHELLE April 8, 2005
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"Those drinks last night was some real nigga shit"
"Those drinks last night was some RNS shit"
by Churchill291 January 1, 2016
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a"damn homie that nigga's shootin again"
b"yea dats some fucked up RNS rite here"
by JoE March 30, 2003
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Engineer: we are gonna have the generator fixed RN
by ItzDopeCope345 June 19, 2018
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acronym for "right now" meaning shit's going down live/in-real-time, irt
LASHAWN: get up, we're getting burgers
CORY: i am hungover as shit rn man, pick me someth up?
LASHAWN: yeah it'll pass faster if you get your ass up, let's go
by idtst May 11, 2017
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