shortcut for "right now", commonly used by lazy fatasses or some drunk fucks.

...or teens.
by Veridicule December 27, 2018
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Real Nigga shit, often used when talking about people possibly on kik facebook came from word Bitch nigga
Girl:Dude she look so ratchet

Girl:Real Nigga Shit Or Rns
by LauraDoee June 4, 2014
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RNs are also known as Real Nurses and are required to have a degree in Nursing, pass state board exams for licensure, and work very very hard - making real sacrifices - for the rest of their careers.
by Babs RN August 24, 2006
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What millennials use to shorten the 2 words they can easily say; 'right now'
Text message:
Mom: Where are you?!?!
Daughter: im sooooooooo druk rn
by @realdolanddump July 5, 2018
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The act or condition of being Really Nervous. This usually occurs when one finds him/herself in a moderately or extremely uncomfortable social situation.
by imajokemaker_1 June 2, 2011
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