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Real Life Troll.

Used to define someone who says antagonising jokes or talks offensively about controversial topics, as bant.

Also includes those who carry out pranks on other people in real life, which may be offensive, slapstick based, contain elements of internet humour, or be a practical joke.
"Dude, that guy wearing a bear costume just kidnapped a little girl!!!"
"Yeah, don't worry, its a joke. He's a massive RLT"
by Suraj (trollraj) November 16, 2011
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A school that host fat girls... well one...

She is a mung-licker with a big appetite… She is rude, fat, bitchy, slutty, mean, and a stalker.

She loves Twinkies… She claims to be anorexic/bulimic, but if she were… would she not be skinny?

She thinks she can act, but I didn't know high pitched squeakyness was acting?

Shes loud and annoying and a disgrace to RLT...

Like I really don't understand how someone can be that fat!
Hungry Hungry Humphries ate lots of food at the RLT cafeteria.

She is the biggest girl at RLT.

Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle blinded my eyes when I visited RLT!

by alianj July 13, 2006
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