an adjective to describe a person or an object that is dumb, ignorant, unnecesary, doesn't function properly or mentally incompetent.
A Teacher says What does Thrifty mean?
A student replies stealing!
That student is therefore RICKETY for not only missing the overall concept of the word but for just being plain RICKETY!!
by ugafan2081 January 28, 2011
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Shyt gurl, Justin's Dangus was mad rickety I cant believe I even hopped on that!
by Sevin April 27, 2006
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something that is just uncalled for or just plain ghetto.
j: look at greg he looked rickety wearring all that gold when it aint even real.

k: you shool right
by tammyhoe February 23, 2008
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The word is an adjective that describes something that doesn’t work well, is old and broken up, or it can describe someone’s actions that are dumb or if they said something that is dumb you can also use it
The TV hasn’t been working right it’s old and rickety
by Pretty lil bean July 21, 2019
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A character on the television show "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia". An old high school classmate of the gang named Matthew Mara who was made fun of for his leg braces. He eventually becomes homeless as a result of the gang's antics. He has a crush on Sweet Dee is is often tormented by Dennis and Mac (e.g. - teabagging). On "Mac and Dennis: Manhunters", the two hunt Cricket as a form of game.
Mac: "You wanna teabag Rickety Cricket?"
Dennis: "Nah, we've been doing that since high school."
by Nate Diesel March 9, 2009
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The result of perfectly timed sexual intercourse on a hot and humid summer's day, such that the sweat from the intensity of foreplay is gathered in an external container and applied directly to the genitalia as lubrication. In order to perfect the rickety swamp, the female and male must be poorly trimmed in the nether regions, and three chairs must be used to elevate the female over the container with the remaining sweat. Two chairs hold the legs, spread apart, and the female balances on the third with her torso. The man then stands on his toes and sodomizes from the rear.
The weather was so hot and humid yesterday, that when Sheila and I got back to my place and the AC wasn't working, I grabbed all the chairs from the kitchen table because we had to try the rickety swamp.
by takeittomypeoplesbank April 27, 2017
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another word (better word) for a morning/night voice. (when your voice gets/sounds tired)
im getting quite tired, i have a rickety voice!
by ricketyvoiceguy March 19, 2020
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