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Stands for Random Fucking Grenade. Like in COD when someone randomly throws a grenade, and it always happens to hit you.
I got hit by another fucking RFG!!
by BrokenBlackWolf July 02, 2010
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removed from game. Often used in trading card games such as Mtg
I can't bring that card back itto play, its rfg
by roguewarrior November 29, 2005
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Short for "Red Faction Guerrilla" a popular game for PS3 and X-Box 360
"Let's play some RFG and sledge some buildings!"
by Tegrat July 09, 2009
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The abreviation for the Red Freckle Gang.
You call yourself an RFG do you? Well, Show me your freckles!
by that1redguy July 10, 2008
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