Random Drunken Injury - You wake up in the morning with that bruise, cut scrape that you cant remember doing/getting...in some extreme case this may include broken bones and the such.
This my friend is what is known as a RANDOM DRUNKEN INJURY
Dai: Man im fucked, went out with Cheesy last night woke up this morning and ive split the back of me head aint i.

Mohammed: Fucking hell mate thats one hell of a RDI
by Taff Thomas February 16, 2008
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Red Dragon Inn. Another gay AOL roleplay chat. Actually, there are two. One is harder to find, by not by much. Perhaps AOL Admin screwed up when they were making them. Overrun by more ch00bs and n00bs than Kuni no Yume.
Kouncaeya: Let's go to RDI.
Satu: Hell no.
Leiko: Yeah. Kuni no Yume is better than that, and that's saying something.
by Leiko October 03, 2004
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Rednecks with Disposable Income. Typically a person hailing from a rural or exurban area with a modicum of formal education who strikes it comparatively rich in one of the classic redneck occupations: plumbing supply, tow trucking, sale of family-owned land to developer, marijuana cultivation. An RDI spends freely on redneck status symbols, such as a tricked-out bass boat, Harley-Davidson, ostentatious McMansion, gold chains, Tony Stewart tattoos, gleaming RV for treks to Talladega. Personification of the adage "money cannot buy class." Object of both envy and scorn from less moneyed rednecks.
"Ole Jim Bob Parker made a ton of money laying pipe and now all of them Parkers are just RDIs. They think they're something but they ain't nothin'. Still rednecks. Like that new bass boat o' his though."
by sorkab July 06, 2010
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