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♦ Where people live who drive an hour to a well paying job.

♦ Where your neighbor's house is 100 ft from your own and both are 50 meters (164.041 feet) from the road.

♦ Where gated communities are built with 2 acre lots and the homeowners association is constantly in fear of non-conformity and people using that land to grow their own food as well as any landscape which is reverting to it's natural state.

♦ Where your neighborhood centers around a golf course and the closest retail is 4 miles (6.43737 km) away

♦ Where your zip code's tallest building rises 2 storeys and the population density never goes beyond 1,000 people per square mile.

♦ Where rich white people go in order to avoid ethnic minorities, same thing with their country clubs.

♦ Where the water table is irreversibly contaminated by all the lawn chemicals the residents use.

♦ Where the treeless lawn surrounding one's ranch house is used for parking, sports, and an area where one's many dogs and children can run wild and wreck havoc.

♦ Areas idealized by people like Frank Lloyd Wright and Joel Garreau (writer of Edge Cities).

♦ Areas reviled by people such as Paolo Soleri and James Howard Kunstler.
Land in exurban areas is used in the most wasteful, unsustainable and impractical ways. It's not at all uncommon for property owners to have a half acre of their spread paved over. I've even heard of aviation enthusiasts
by Miskatonic Jack 2 November 20, 2010
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