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Rancho Bernado High School. Located in Rancho Bernardho, San Diego where the world record of oldest people polpulation live.

Also known as the school which endorses thong checks at dances, the use of broom sticks instead of baseball bats and public nudity during their horrible football team games. The high school also has a record of hate crimes (Noose in perfoming arts center) and shooting threats in bathrooms which was stupid as fuck because the guy was caught anyway.

RBHS is the arch rival of pussy school Poway High School (PHS) who for some reason kicks ass in wrestling every year since the beginning of time. Fights occur after almost every basketball game because each school thinks they are the better one when in reality RB is clearly the superior.

Drugs are not uncommon however, they really only circle around the poluation of 10 blacks who enjoy huddling amongst themselves in the southwest corner of the covered lunch area during breaks and lunch. The black girls are the loudest beings on the face of the earth whereas the black guys compete with snails in walking races to class. Their are probably 8 hot girls, couple hundred good looking ones surrounded by 1,000 ugly ass bitches.

Many students try and pretend the school is full of G's and violence however, it is hard to portray that when it currently has one of the National Spelling Bee Champions in attendance as well as 2,500 asians.

"Im looking to learn some sweet spelling skills and also get at some harry pussy. Where would i find this?"

"RBHS has them both, spelling champion and harry pussy is in the Southwest Corner of the covered lunch area."
by Banana Bob July 03, 2008
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A Ruined Butt Hole. This usually happens from a variety of objects being inserted into the anal sphincter to the point that it becomes streched, or ruined.
Check out that chick! She's going to have a total RBH after that!
by Awesome J April 24, 2011
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An awesome clan, with an even better community. We tend to have epic events, and everyone that plays the game runescape and is 80+ should join!!
Im in the clan red blade hunters ( Rbh ), and its the best 80+ f2p and p2p clan around. I signed up at
by sk8erpunk193 December 30, 2008
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RBH stands for Really Bad Hair. It is a disease that afflicts millions of people around the world. It may connected with factors such as weather, shower frequency, and running late and not having time to comb hair. Many who have dreadlocks or no hair are immune.
I've come down with a serious case of RBH! I can't go out like this!
by Dancy October 25, 2006
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noun, Random Bush Hairs, when a woman's bikini line is sloppily tucked in or poorly shaven revealing pubic hair along the sides of a bathing suit or underwear.
Check out the MILF with all the R.B.H. , she should shave that cat before putting on a bathing suit
by mo vinyl February 28, 2009
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