pronunciation (ray-dee-dee)

Radio attention deficit disorder

1. The inability to listen to the same station for more than ten seconds

2. Changing stations in the middle of a song just to make sure nothing better is on

3. Unconciously flipping through stations without listening to what is playing
Guy 1: (singing along) "Amadeus, Amadeus, Oh oh oh AMADEUS!"

Guy 2: (changes station)

Guy 1: "WTF! That was Rock Me Amadeus"

Guy 2: "Sorry just wanted to check to see if "Pocketful of Sunshine" was on 106.1"

Guy 1: "Did you forget to take your RADD meds?"
by K-LIP April 17, 2009
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Reading Attention Deficit Disorder. Used to describe people incapable of reading anything longer than a blog post, magazine article, or short story.
Mom: I've been having a lot of trouble staying with books recently, but it's not like I don't read. I noticed I'm always reading a magazine or a short story collection.
Son: You have RADD.
by SirBlondie January 10, 2009
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Relationship ADD. Unwillingness to commit to 1 person or 1 event at a time. Always looking for something better and cannot focus on the person or event at hand.
I look at other girls even when I'm on a date. That's how I figured out that I suffer from RADD.
by ash339 October 16, 2008
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Something that is really amazing.
See rad.
Girl 1: "Those GIR shoelaces are so radd!"
Girl 2: "...I still think Zim is better."
by Tallest Josie April 27, 2008
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Radd is an indian kid that attends syracuse who has an unbelievably hot sister that loves the cock.
by Not Nuks! May 12, 2004
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A Mad Radd is performed when a person invites, calls, texts, or messages a person, when he or she knows the person is unable to attend or respond.
1.) Your chatty Kathy girlfriend calls and leaves a message saying how, "She really needs to talk about her ex boyfriend."

Instead of calling her right back, a person can pull a Mad Radd and wait until she is at work to call her and leave a message (to appear like a loyal friend).

2.) Someone you may think is boring may continually ask you to hang out. You find out that person is vacationing next weekend.. which is precisely when you ask that person to grab a drink. "Oh darn, you're out of town? Too bad....."
by Kimraddical May 24, 2010
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An ex Halo2 player that retired. Mainly destroyed all his victims with the sniper rifle. Know for his sniper rifle, and for only laughing in many conversations. Played with his clan Raynne Terr. Some members worth naming, Gaintbobcat, Tupee, Goteverclear, Hellknight, Shadow.

The tag Radd Kuhnt has been changed many times but the word Kuhnt is offending on Xbox Live. So now the tag is another name that will not be send due to advertisement issues.

May you rest in peace old friend.
Nub1: Dang, is that Radd Kuhnt!
Nub2: O'h shit!
Gaintbobcat: Eat a sack lunch!
Radd Kuhnt: hahaha, Fuk.

by Radd Fan January 3, 2008
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