an intelligent, funny, amazing, and awesome person who loves to be with people, and is the life of the party. She loves everybody and everybody loves her. She has super nice tits and ass, and she'll do anything for you, since she is so loyal.
Jennifer: omijizzles that girl is sooooooo pretty!

Jake: damn, I'd totally bang that chick. She's such a Quinta.
by quintenial February 21, 2013
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a beautiful girl with slightly curly brown hair. She loves to read, and is great at school. A certain Justin Bieber wanna-be is the object of her affection. Every guy wants her, because she is so hawt.
Maria: omg Quinta is so pretty!
JB: she is so beautiful. im going to ask her to marry me!
by ForeverisLove June 6, 2011
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v. The act of spreading ones pubic hairs all over an object.
n. The unfortunate discovery of pubic hairs all over an object one must use, for example ones bed, or bathtub
I am going to Quinta all over your pizza.

Becca, look, there is quinta in our bed!
by Professor Quinta October 17, 2005
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receiving a blumpkin oral sex while taking a dump while also doing a top shelf taking a dump in the top portion of the toilet
by BJ October 17, 2003
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Quintae is a cool loving person that will get hella money and be Rich as hell and own hella shit he don’t need and gets all the girls
by Canary yellow daisy February 2, 2019
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A loyal man towards his wife and homeboys. He is known for being a very muscular man with a big dick. Mostly a dark skin but occasional he can be someone of lighter skin tone. Is usually known in the streets as Quin or Tae for a nickname. Always posted up on the block with his homies and known for slanging iron. Despite his life in the streets, he is a sweet man at heart for his close family and friends, and he loves his wife and kids to the point where he would do anything for them.
"Ayo look at that man with his big ass meat and respecting his wife, I think he's a quintae"
by Kut.Throat.Quin April 26, 2020
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Receiving a blumpkinblow job while taking a dump while you top shelfdumping in the tank of the toiletand she urinates in the bowl.
An Asian hooker and I were about to engage in cheap fellatio when we realized we both had to use the we decided on a golden quintas.
by 2-304 + Team Stoner March 31, 2005
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