A phrase used to simplify 2+2=4 4-1=3 used by Big Shaq (the one and only) in his one (and only) song, Man's Not Hot.
by Poopoocacaheadblackaisan January 12, 2018
The name of a parody app math game inspired by quick maths meme 2+2 is 4-1 is 3 quick maths!
Yo u played quick maths? mad addicting ass game.
by itsallgoodgames March 8, 2018
When someone gives you a math problem and you answer it before the whole class.
by RunningInTheOofs December 6, 2017
To do math so fast, your brain explodes
"Aye you kno Johnny?"
"Yeah I heard died of quick maths"
"Damn such a smart man"
by LongDickJohn December 4, 2017
A sarcastic remark to an obvious statement, usually associated with mathematical applications.
Brandon: We have seven people in our group.

Cody: Oh yes, Brandon with the quick math.
by aballinwhitey December 21, 2010
A sequence of events that take place in order to determine a greater variable. A set of equations that alow for someone to determine if they are going to have a “good” night.
“Is tonight a quick math night?”
“I’m not sure...pull out your 50 ergo curved custom calculator and let’s find out. But hurry...it’s almost 10 Alcock
by 123 quick maths January 23, 2019