An insect resembling the common earwig with one difference, it climbs into the ear canal of sleeping children causing them to have homosexual tendencies.

An expert on the subject(1) described it as "He climbs into the ears of sleeping children and turns them into gay teens."

1. Vic Romano, (October 30, 2003). MXC "Monster Edition - Real Monsters vs. Product Mascots"
Husband: I think there may be something wrong with little Billy, he's been looking at men with a twinkle in his eye.
Wife: You don't think he's infected with a queerwig, do you?
Husband: We better get him to the ER.
by tsukisan April 29, 2013
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synonym: gay, stupid, idiot, fucktard, wang-tard, wing-wang, wangalang, John Kerry etc.
Wraith you queerwig you scratched my anchor!
by matt August 30, 2004
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